How to Transform your Body & Life Effortless and With Ease

How to transform your body & life effortless and with ease (Yes, it really is possible)

In this FB live I’m talking about how to transform your body & life effortless and with ease. I’ll be sharing how I’m supporting my clients all over the world to reconnect with their bodies and step into their healthiest, most vibrant self – effortless and with ease.


My program is NOT about losing weight, getting in shape and fitting in your old pair of jeans again.


No, I offer a holistic transformation from the inside out.


To shift into a new identity, a new way of being. A loving way of treating yourself respectfully.


Of course, during that process, my clients are losing weight, they’re getting in the best shape of their life, they’re feeling the most amazing and love what they see in the mirror. They’re confident, more successful and they make more money as well.


That’s all part of the process. It really is all about releasing the old (identity) to make space for the new. Releasing all those limiting beliefs that are holding us back.


Releasing the lack of self-respect, self love, self worth and really stepping into this version who really shows up and loves herself UP. Who shows up for herself and is ready to make herself a TOP priority in her life, because she WANTS to take better care of herself.


Because my clients get it, if they don’t show up for themselves they’re not able to show up for anyone – at least not 100%, not fully.


And we’re not doing half-ass stuff. We’re either a 100% in OR we’re out.


120% committed or out.


Of course, it’s also about releasing weight – if you feel like you can do better, feel better and take better care of yourself – it’s part of the process.


The number one thing I show my clients is to nourish their bodies based on their design, to really find a way to connect with themselves, to start eating in an intuitive way, to understand and decode the signals of their own bodies.


To make food & nourishment work for them. That’s KEY. It’s THE foundation.


Food is information. Food gives you energy. Food gives you the energy you need to do what you’re meant to do in this world.


So the number one step is really to take some time to understand what works best for you and your body AND during this process, you will already release weight. There’s a natural set-point of your body where it thrives at its optimal level and we can’t say it’s like 60 pounds, 70pound or 80 pounds – you will know it once you’re there – it’s your feel good set-point.


The moment when you realize you feel amazing, you look amazing, you’re in shape, you’re healthy, you’re NOT obsessed around food anymore, you know exactly what works for you – this is the time when we integrate the movement part as well.


Because we really wanna step into our power, we wanna embody our strength and for that we need to have a strong, healthy and fit as fuck body and in my world it’s all about investing as little time as possible to have the biggest outcome possible and this is exactly what I offer in my program.


So with my uniquely designed workouts & very little time investment – only 60 minutes per week – you’ll have the healthiest, fittest, strongest and toned body you’ll ever have  in your life. You’ll feel stronger and more capable. More confident and in control.


But here’s the secret ingredient I offer in my program…


The really digging deep part where you really learn to connect with yourself and face some parts of yourself that you probably haven’t been able to look at for years because it was just too much


And I’m gonna help you to really dive deep and decode some self-destructive and self-sabotaging behavior, because in order to really be successful with this process and become the healthiest, most powerful and self-confident version of yourself – you really need to release some deep deep rooted beliefs – that most of us have.


So yes, my work is anything but a weight loss program – it’s NOT about losing 5 pounds – it’s about becoming the healthiest, best version of yourself that you can possibly be.


And you KNOW IT! You know deep inside that you’re not living up to your highest and healthiest potential that you can be and it’s annoying, frustrating .. it’s not a fulfilling way to live.


I attract people into my tribe who are ready to face their deepest fears, really dig deep and become their healthiest version – this is what my program is about  – a transformation.


It really is about stepping into this version that you’re meant to be.


Healthy, alive, confident, sexy, lean in shape and strong – from the inside out.


I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts! What are your biggest challenges and frustrations around losing weight and getting back in shape? Please share in the comments below – you’re NOT alone in this!