Anna, 32

I can wake up without an alarm 1 hour earlier and I have so much more energy. My mind is sharper and I finally feel at home in my body again. My digestive complaints are gone and I see all things in my life more clearly.

Ines helped me turn my life around, forever grateful.

Anna, 32
Corinna, 31

Since I started working with Ines I could see & feel my body changing within less than three weeks. If you especially struggle with lack of free time, don’t know exactly how & what to eat and need to kick start your training routine, I highly recommend working with Ines!

She kicks ass and will help you to finally reach your goal! Worth every penny!

Corinna, 31
Oilvia, 25

Ines helped me recognize crucial roadblocks in my journey. She helped me to understand how to nourish my body and how to lose weight naturally. Her workouts are addictive and simply work! Super short, but most effective and easy combinable with my busy schedule

Oilvia, 25

Let it be easy

Emma, 54

I absolutely loved working with this amazing woman. Ines has a ‘whole body’ approach to health, meaning that she does not just focus on the physical body, but also understands the body’s spiritual and nutritional needs.

When I hired her as a coach, we spent the first few weeks working on nutrition and self-love before even touching exercise. She helped me better understand my body’s needs so that nutrition and exercise became a natural part of my life. Who knew that adding more healthy fat into my diet would lead to losing 18 pounds in 3 months.

Her workout routines are simple 20 minute routines that anyone can do. I could only do a modified version when I started so it was tailored to my specific needs.

If you have a desire to get into better shape but don’t know where to start, this is the place. Ines Festini breaks self care down into manageable steps. Her approach is one of self-love NOT torture. I hired a coach and ended up with a friend. Thank you Ines.

Emma, 54 Emma Scott Couture

Pamela, 25 -

Before I started working with Ines I didn't eat properly and was always stressed out by what to eat. Ines helped me understand which food is good for my body and when’s the best time to eat.

Within the first weeks of working with her, I lost a couple of kilos and started to feel less sluggish and more alert. Eating better also helped my overall health.

Through completing this program I found a way to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into my busy schedule. Knowing what food to eat also helps me a lot to prepare my work lunches and I don't feel overwhelmed anymore when it comes to cooking dinner.

Eva, 32

love the skin you're in

Before I started working with Ines I felt like I had no time to work out. My life lacks regular routine due to so much travel, so I found it hard to get into any regular pattern for exercising. I also thought I was eating healthy, but still wasn't sure if I was eating the right foods for me.

With Ines's help, I took it one step at a time to go start this transformation process. I really value the approach taken by her to do each part as a step - rather than everything at once. First, looking at my food, then incorporating exercise followed by overall wellbeing - this was an excellent and manageable approach that has helped me make sustainable changes to the way I live my life.

The results speak for itself, I no longer feel so full I feel sick or uncomfortable after eating.  All my clothes that used to fit me now fit me again, and most are a bit loose! I have more confidence in my body image.

I love the weekly sessions to talk about my progress. Its a great way to start the process of transformation - having someone hold me to account as I learn to make the best choices for myself and also learning a really important thing for me- holding myself to account for my own choices.

Another great part of the experience was the reassurance from Ines - I am a bit of a perfectionist so if I indulged a little I would feel so incredibly guilty, but the reassurance from Ines about my overall progress, and it being ok to have a small indulgence once in a while was really fantastic. It certainly helped me a lot.

Ines' approach is very personal, friendly, caring and supportive with well informed and researched guidance to help you along the way.

Michelle, 34
Linari, 52

I really didn’t feel confident with my body. I had waaaay to much weight and very low self esteem. My health started to worry me and I felt stuck in a bad relationship. I obviously didn’t love myself. I was really suffering and so frustrated. Nothing was working and I felt like the whole world was against me.

You were so compassionate and showed me that there’s a way out of this situation. You gave me hope.

With your amazing step by step guidance you’ve helped me to finally understand how to nourish my body and to make peace with food. The first time in my life I truly understand what my body needs and how to listen to it. Your 20 minute workouts are super effective and so easy to integrate – even with my crazy schedule. I started to really like moving my body… who would have thought. LOL.

With your help I lost 8 kilos and it was surprisingly easy. So amazing, I started with dress size 46 and now I’ve reached 38-40. This is such an amazing accomplishment. During our time together I’ve truly learned to love myself and honor my body. I learned how important it is to take care of myself and that it is my responsibility to be kind to myself and to put myself first.

You helped me change my whole life, Ines. So happy I said yes. Forever grateful.

Linari, 52

progress over perfection

Alba, 34

Ines is amazing! Despite having a super busy work schedule, it has been surprisingly easy to implement my new exercise routine. I especially love the step by step guidance and the short intense workouts.

This is exactly what I was looking for: maximum outcome without investing too much time.

In addition, with the Skype sessions and the eating tracker I’ve received very personalized advice that has kept me motivated and helped me reach my goals.

Not only have I dropped a dress size, but I feel healthier and stronger than ever before. If you’re ready to finally see and feel results, work with Ines, I can recommend her 120%.

Alba, 34 Finance Project Manager
Nicole, 44

I loved working with Ines. Her workouts are tough, but they are super short (20 minutes) and I only need to squeeze them in 3 times a week which really helps keep me from falling off the workout wagon if I can’t fit it in on a planned workout day.

The food plan was such a revelation! I had been eating pretty well I thought. Lots of so-called diet and non-fat foods – boy was I wrong. And I was thrilled to learn that my meals should consist of 40% fat for my body type – WooHoo! Right away, the bloat that I had gotten used to was gone and I felt much healthier.

So far, I have lost 7 pounds without much sacrifice at all.

With Ines‘ help I really feel that this will be a life long change for me. My next goal is to finally wear a bikini this summer – something I haven’t done in at least 15 years and I absolutely think it is doable.

Nicole, 44

Show your body the love it deserves

I just want to say that working with Ines was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life so far.

Believe me, I’ve tried losing weight so many times before, but never was I even close to achieving my goals. In the end, I would just get tired and give up.

Working with Ines showed me that I need to start making changes from the inside out rather than the reverse. I’ve started loving myself more, trusting my body, stopped judging myself, became stronger not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.


I've become a stronger, healthier and more confident version of myself, learned to be consistent and finally feel beautiful in my skin. Forever grateful.

Milda, 30

ready to unleash your healthiest self?

Yes, I'm SO ready!


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