Interview Danette May: From Breakdown to Breakthrough

Today I’m super excited to introduce you to my brand new #healthbomb interview series and we’ll kick off the interview with the amazing Danette May (scroll down to watch the video).

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Through my live workshops and my 1:1 work with 100s of clients over the last years, I realized that so many wonderful women are holding back and dimming their light, because they are still struggling with taking good care of themselves, setting healthy boundaries and making themselves a priority.


Truth is, we can’t give and fully show up in the world if we’re burned out, running on low battery and feeling exhausted most of the time. (and where’s the fun in that anyway?)


My goal is to change that and to make your life a little bit easier, by showing you that it really is possible to have a successful, thriving business and a wonderful family, while still taking good care of yourself and truly enjoy your life.


Over the next couple of months, I’ll regularly invite inspiring, powerful and successful bad ass boss ladies to talk about their own journey, biggest struggles and how they managed to overcome them. Yes, it’s time to get real.


I’m super excited to kick-off this interview series with Danette May, one of America’s top leading health and fitness experts, solopreneur, and beautiful mum of two.


I met Danette during an event called Awesomenessfest and I had the chance to connect with her on a more personal level and was amazed to see how she’s approaching her business and life. She made me realize that it really IS possible to serve the world, take super good care of yourself, stay true to yourself and be successful at the same time.

In other words… You can have it all!


In today’s #healthbomb interview she’s getting really real with us and truly speaks from the heart. Danette May is going to share some of her most vulnerable lessons, how she was able to overcome them and use those experiences and insights to build such a successful career all by herself with two little girls at home.


Here’s what she’ll be talking about:

  • The up and downs of being a solopreneur & mum
  • How one of the biggest breakdowns in her life lead to her biggest breakthrough
  • How she started her online business alone and from scratch with only 47$, no computer and two little girls at home
  • Why it's SO important to take care of yourself FIRST
  • Her #1-morning ritual which is THE secret key to an epic and awesome life (believe me, it's not what you think)
  • Why she doesn't believe in balance and how she's managing her busy schedule
  • Her unique workout approach and what she thinks about dieting, counting calories and deprivation


If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by the stressful lifestyle you’ve built for yourself – this interview with Danette May is made for you!


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