De-stress Yoga Beginner Sequence (Video)

Super excited to share one of my most favorite De-stress Yoga Beginner Sequence with you today.


If you think that yoga is just not your thing, please hear me out…


When my friend told me that she started to attend a yoga class every week I just thought “Hahaha, yoga. That’s definitely not for me. How boring, stretching and focusing on your breath. Like, really?”


This was about 5 years ago and little did I know that I’d find myself only a couple of months later totally falling in love with it and even traveling to India to become a yoga teacher myself.


The very first sessions are tough, though…


In the beginning, it’s actually really uncomfortable and I didn’t understand the hype around all those supposedly relaxing effects.


I couldn’t bring my heels even close to the floor in the down dog position and when the teacher said ‘Ok, now let’s relax a bit in down dog and just chill’ I thought “WHAAAAAAT? He must be joking”, even one more second and I’ll collapse on the floor like a wet sack.  Super hard and painful for me to hold that pose.


But then, a couple of sessions later at the end of the class in Shavasana there it was…


I’ve experienced this total unexpected pure feeling of bliss, peace, and relaxation. It seemed as my whole cells were celebrating and dancing with each other. Total body relaxation. Heaven on earth. Ahhhhhh. Now I finally understood.


Since then, yoga is an integral part of my self-care routine and I make sure to integrate it into my client’s movement schedules as well because it’s SO important.
Especially if you don’t have much time, feel stressed out and/or travel a lot, this gentle De-stress Yoga Beginner Sequence is for you. It’s only 12 minutes long and will be the best gift you can give yourself and your body. 


Remember, you, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. 
It’s NOT selfish to put yourself first, it’s responsible ♡ 





Listen, if you feel unhappy, unsatisfied, frustrated, chubby, ugly, lonely, overworked and burned out - you and only YOU can change that.


Life doesn't need to be so freaking hard!


If you'd like to press the reset button on your body & ultimately your life, then you need to let go of the self that has created those circumstances and step into this version who finally takes her wellbeing serious enough to take action.


Let go of habits that aren't serving you. 14900415_1276431229068168_5774068057350972179_n


Let go of the inner critique and become your own best friend.


Let go of food that makes you feel bloated, tired and sad.


Let go of that stubborn belief that transforming your health, body and life is hard and impossible.


Let go of all the excuses why you can't move your body and just start moving (in whatever form or way).


Let go of people who suck out your energy and make you feel empty and depleted.


Live by design and feel into it! Take ownership of your life! Have fun with it.


15542239_10211466016470706_433225233953709293_nDance yourself into a new YOU!


You absolutely deserve to feel amazing from the inside out, truly enjoy your body and become the very best version of yourself.


But you need to be crystal clear on where you'd like to go and how you'd like to feel first. Flow into it ?



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