The Worlds Best Salad You Can Actually Make in Under 5 Minutes

In today’s blog post I’ll share with you my secret sauce (a.k.a recipe) of the worlds best salad that you can actually make in under 5 minutes. (NO kidding!)

The Worlds Best Salad You Can Actually Make in Under 5 Minutes (1)

One of the best things I’ve ever done in my life.. I appointed the salad to my main dish and wonderful things have happened since then ;)

And if you’ve been following me for a while you probably already know that I’m a very lazy cook (well, like you, I’ve got other shit to do), BUT hey, I still want to make sure that I eat healthy and nutritious meals. Continue Reading »

The Number One Weight Loss and Exercise Mistake!

In todays V-log I’m talking about the number ONE mistake so many people do when it comes to weight loss and exercise.

During my student days I was never really happy with my body and was always trying to lose weight. Back in the days, before my career as a certified personal trainer and health coach, I’ve been told that running for hours is the very best way to lose weight, so I thought I’d just give it a try.

I’ve scheduled three running sessions, à 60 minutes per week. Continue Reading »

6 Benefits of Working with an Online Fitness Coach

In todays blog post I’ll share with you 6 benefits of working with an online fitness coach.

Summer is here and we inevitably start thinking of beach time, sexy shorts, bathing suits and beautiful sun dresses. At the same time this queasy and uncomfortable feeling of discontent and frustration begins to surface. ‚It’s time to take action, start going to the gym and eat healthy again, this time for real’, we think.


But tell me, how many times have you started a new fitness routine and set new fitness goals for yourself only to lose interest in a couple of weeks? Continue Reading »

Full Body Bikini Workout

In this weeks blog post I prepared an amazing Full Body Bikini Workout for you guys.

Are you ready for summer?

I know, summer has already arrived, but hey, it’s never too late to start moving your body the smart way.

Oh, and speaking of bikini body, I actually DON’T believe in training a couple of weeks to look hot and stunning in a bikini for two weeks during your holidays.

I believe in getting fit for life and enjoying your body 24/7 for 365 days

per year, the bikini body will be just another beneficial side effect ;)

But now back to my full body bikini workout of the day! Continue Reading »

The Most Effective Way to Train and Burn Fat Fast

In today’s blog post I’m talking about one of my most favorite topics in the world a.k.a the most effective way to train and how to burn fat fast.

I know it’s not easy to make room for a proper workout regimen when your daily schedule already contains emails, work, socializing, lunch, emails, commuting, dinner, parenting (or grandparenting), emails and being a decent spouse.

Oh, and did I mention emails?

Look, I know exactly what you’re trying to juggle and this is exactly the reason why I’m SO excited to share ALL my training secrets in today’s v-log with you! Continue Reading »

Bulletproof Cacao Macachino

Bulletproof Cacao Macachino

Super excited to share my newest obsession with you guys: Bulletproof Cacao Macachino.

Soooooo gooooood!!!

Since I stopped drinking coffee a couple of weeks ago, I was desperately looking for a coffee-like substitute that I could drink like my beloved bulletproof coffee with butter (without the coffee of course). So I was experimenting and found the PERFECT combination: Cacao – Maca – Rice Milk it is.

Bulletproof Cacao Macachino was born!

This drink is not only super delicious, but also a nutritious SUPER bomb as well. Continue Reading »

The Surprising Reasons Why I Quit Drinking Coffee

In today’s post I’m talking about the surprising reasons why I decided more or less spontaneously to quit drinking my beloved coffee.

I can not even tell you how much I LOVE coffee! I LOVE the taste. I LOVE the flavor. I LOVE waking up and having a freshly brewed coffee in the morning. I LOVE the heartwarming smell in the air that reminds me of my childhood in my grandmothers kitchen.

Yet I still decided to quit drinking coffee and in todays V-log I’ll explain you all the reasons why I made that decision and how you can too ( if desired ;) )! Continue Reading »

Sexiest Post Workout Blueberry Smoothie There Is

sexiest post workout smoothie (2)

So thrilled to finally share with you THE sexiest post workout blueberry smoothie there is out there.

No joking here! 

It’s super simple to prepare & you only need 4 ingredients.

Does sound sexy to me! ;)

Did you know that after an intense workout your body is super receptive for any nutrients you consume? 

Clever as we are, we want to make sure to give our bodies the most effective resources to build new muscle and restore itself, right?

As it’s crucial to drink the post workout shake within the first half hour after the workout, we choose quickly digestible carbohydrates and proteins. Continue Reading »

The Shocking Truth Nobody Tells You About Counting Calories

The Shocking Truth Nobody Tells you about Counting Calories (1)

In todays article I’ll reveal the shocking truth why counting calories is simply outdated, or in other words, suuuuper old school.


But before we dive in, tell me!


Are you one of those peeps who are still counting calories?


Do you still believe that if you reduce your calorie intake a.k.a eat less, you’re going to get rid of those nasty pounds and lose weight?

Do you feel bad after eating that super delicious creamy chocolate cake because it probably has 1 gazillion calories and you need to train a minimum of 45 hours in the gym to work that off again? Continue Reading »

Get Rid of Your Scale Once and For All

 Get rid of your scale

It’s time to throw your scale out of the window – get rid of it & let’s have a dance party instead!

Ok, I’m probably a bit over dramatic here, but hear me out…

Are you one of those peeps who are checking their weight first thing in the morning? Stumbling out of bed, standing on this cold metallic scale and letting the number determine whether you’re having an awesome or a shitty day?


Like… really?


Isn’t that somehow hilarious?


Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been there! Continue Reading »

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