The Shocking Truth Nobody Tells You About Counting Calories

The Shocking Truth Nobody Tells you about Counting Calories (1)

In todays article I’ll reveal the shocking truth why counting calories is simply outdated, or in other words, suuuuper old school.


But before we dive in, tell me!


Are you one of those peeps who are still counting calories?


Do you still believe that if you reduce your calorie intake a.k.a eat less, you’re going to get rid of those nasty pounds and lose weight?

Do you feel bad after eating that super delicious creamy chocolate cake because it probably has 1 gazillion calories and you need to train a minimum of 45 hours in the gym to work that off again? Continue Reading »

Get Rid of Your Scale Once and For All

 Get rid of your scale

It’s time to throw your scale out of the window – get rid of it & let’s have a dance party instead!

Ok, I’m probably a bit over dramatic here, but hear me out…

Are you one of those peeps who are checking their weight first thing in the morning? Stumbling out of bed, standing on this cold metallic scale and letting the number determine whether you’re having an awesome or a shitty day?


Like… really?


Isn’t that somehow hilarious?


Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been there! Continue Reading »

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