3 Strategies to Overcome Holiday Overwhelm and Not Gain A Pound

In today’s #healthbomb episode, I’m sharing with you 3 Strategies to Overcome Holiday Overwhelm and Not Gain A Pound.


I have to admit, they are a little bit unconventional and especially the third strategy may surprise you (or you think I’m totally nuts, but I’m just gonna roll with that because I know how powerful it has been for some of my clients).


Here’s the thing, working with my clients, I always look for ways to make their life easier in the most efficient way possible and as some of them were asking me what to do during the holidays, I felt inspired to create this little video and share my best strategies with you too.


Because let’s face it, it’s this time of the year again, right? Christmas parties, family gatherings and loads of delicious temptations in form of cookies and yummy wine around us.


  • You may be afraid that you’re gaining weight again and that all your progress is wasted.
  • You may be afraid that you’re not able to trust yourself and turn into a cookie craving monster.
  • You may be afraid that you’ll never ever reach your goal, it’s just too hard to stay on track.
  • You may be afraid that you fall back into old eating patterns, especially if you’re surrounded by your family.


I totally get it, that’s why I’m sharing with you 3 Strategies to Overcome Holiday Overwhelm and Not Gain A Pound. You got this. All I ask from you is to watch this video with an open mind and just play with it.


And of course, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts in the comment section below! Are you afraid you’re going to gain weight and totally get off track during the holidays or are you rather relaxed? Do you think one of the strategies could be helpful for you? Any other strategies you’d like to share with us? I’d love to hear them!



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